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He said that he would never leave you or forsake you. We know it to be true.

We were dwindling embers of men, barely hanging in there. Surrounded by the collateral damage of broken relationships, hurting wives, and confused children. However, after attending the Wild at Heart UK gathering 13 years ago and being fathered through men's boot camps at Chorley Chapel, Shropshire; we few men, decided to share the treasures we have found with anyone who would come and listen. Our aim is to help fan the sparks in men's hearts, to encourage you with our stories, restore hope, and see men transformed from lambs to lions, men who are steadfast and true.

'Rise and rise again until lambs
become lions'.

'Heaven must welcome Him until the times of the restoration of all things, which God spoke about by the mouth of His holy prophets from the beginning. [Acts 3:21]'

God is in the restoration business. What is He restoring? The answer is ALL things and that restoration includes the hearts of men, bringing us back into fellowship with Him and more than that -

the healing and revealing of our whole man.

The trinity needs our attention and longs for our response. There is so much noise in our lives, so much clammer, and far too many demands. Jesus took the weight of the world and yet many of us believe it is still ours to carry. Something needs to shift in us and we need to turn back. It's going to take focus, it's going to take a decision to step away from it all for a few days and get our bearings again. That kind of time doesn't offer itself up easily. We have to be deliberate if we want to find our heart again, to find out who we really are....... Brothers, there is SO MUCH MORE!

Joe Robinet, Becoming Wild in Wabakimi series 2021(Youtube)


Seek and you will find

To find our hearts we must venture out. This is what pilgrimage is all about. As we journey outwardly we give permission to God to enter inwardly. You may not be fully comfortable in the company of other men, but you won't be alone in that. Perhaps everything you have feared about being exposed as a fraud or 'not a real man' was sown in your heart to keep you from

becoming the man you really are?

'Boot Camp' regardless of its macho connotations, is an invitation to step into a bigger life - one of adventure, yes and sometimes peril, but a chance to reconnect with the promise of abundant life, our true heart from which life issues forth.

The Trinity is cheering you on!

Based on the books of John Eldredge and the ministry of Wild at Heart, BASIC Bootcamp is an invitation to join us for a long weekend to discover your heart through teaching, story, film excerpts, and reflection. We are looking now to May 2021 for our next BASIC Bootcamp. Please get in touch to register your interest and we will send out our information document and booking form to you as soon as we confirm the dates.


Weekends switch between Stiperstones Chapel and Retreat, in the Shropshire Hills and Chorley Chapel near Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Introducing BASIC Bootcamp
Lambs becoming Lions

Introducing BASIC Bootcamp


I was eager to attend a WAH Basic Bootcamp. Stiperstones Chapel and the woodlands nearby are a superb location for the event. Rob is a generous leader, sensitive to the needs of the men and experienced in leading groups through the often uncharted terrain of mens' hearts. I formed new friendships that I hope to nurture over the coming months and years as we pursue God and recover our hearts together."


How do i sign up for BASIC?

BASIC is based on a group of 6 - 9 men. All you need to do is get in touch and express your interest and we will get you up to speed on how the weekend flows, times, directions, dietary requirements and kit list.


We hire the Chapel throughout the weekend and provide breakfast, lunch and dinner - WAH field guides and activities are free.


Cost - £130 per person to cover accommodation

(3 nights), food, activities and insurance.


Please call Rob Henshaw: 07896 248484

or Email:

Why do I need BASIC?



Bootcamp Basic gives you the opportunity to give God the opportunity, to encourage and equip you in a very real and deliberate way. It is scripture based but not pandering to tradition or the worst aspects of religion. The most important thing you need to know is that Jesus is central and that you are encouraged to seek Him throughout. Why? Because, only the God-head is qualified to deal with your heart and only He knows your true story.


Bootcamp Basic is: several days exploring through talk, fellowship, film and immersion into God’s creation - in search of your heart and allowing the Spirit of God to set you free from discouragement and the things that have held you back from the fullness of life that Jesus’ promises. 

“I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth.”

Jesus of Nazareth (John 16:12-13)

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