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Back-up is on its way!

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Guys we all need to be called out into what we were made for, and it is battle! This has been bubbling away in us for all of our lives. Yes there are so many snares, so many landmines around the corner, so many flying bullets – but we are called to fight the good fight aren't we? Don’t be fooled - as CS Lewis said "Christianity is a fighting religion".

My faith, my need can be summed up in this – I need to know and believe and know someone who can navigate me through the battlefield, someone who knows me even when I don’t know myself, someone who can give me courage when I lack it, someone who can help me negotiate a potential row with my wife and instead turn the same situation into joy and peace. Someone who knows the way!

It takes courage to admit that we are needy, because we have been sold the lie that we are on our own. More than that the world and the media holds up men who have apparently 'made it' – and made it on their own Really?! Do you buy that?.

I need someone on the inside; that if I intentionally give him my ears – is there to whisper – you have got this Rob – come-on. Or someone to say, hold on in there Rob, back-up is on its way!

God is faithful – if you stand and keep standing and trust – back-up always comes!

#reinforcements #divine rescue

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